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Coral Castle: Homage to Love or Egyptian Magic

Created by Travel'in Gal on November 30, 2008

1 Review

The legend is as a 26-year-old in Latvia, Ed Leedskalnin, was jilted on the eve of his wedding to his 16-year-old sweetheart.

The Anhinga Trail - Everglades National Park

Created by hellotmf on January 16, 2006

2 Reviews

This journal describes the Anhinga Trail and the wildlife found there. It also provides logistical information for those who are interested in visiting the trail.

The Coral Castle

Created by HVACGordon on February 21, 2004

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We had a wonderful week at the Marco Resort & Beach Club. Our next exchange is at Anchorage Resort and Yacht Club in Key Largo. We had to fill in with a one day, so we visited the Coral Castle.

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