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Cat Ba & Monkey Island

Written by GerryStaysFree on 21 Jul, 2004

Cat Ba Island – After a full day on the road and on water since 7am from Hanoi, to say we were exhausted was putting it mildly. With the assistance of our tour guide our group checked into a hotel in the town centre. We…Read More

Catba to Hai Phong to Hanoi: Introduction to local transportation

Written by Composthp on 29 Apr, 2002

We took the local ferry from Catba Island to Hai Phong. Not a day sooner too for a typhoon was forcast to sweep itself past Catba Island the next day. Already, the clouds looked threatening and strong winds were making its presence known throughout the…Read More

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Living ON the Water

Written by HiramAbif on 25 Dec, 2005

One of the amazing sights of Halong Bay are the houses on the water. The photos below are evidence of their existence. Whole communities exist on houses built away from the coastline on shallow wooden platforms and linked with the outside world with their fishing…Read More

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Ha Long Bay - The Eighth Wonder of the World

Written by GerryStaysFree on 16 Jul, 2004

Three hours cramped into a mini van, we arrived at the coast where Ha Long City nestled. Had a simple but yummy lunch (part of the tour package) in one of the restaurants. Meals looked like prepared en-masse. Made some cool new friends from…Read More

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Unforgettable Holiday with Halong Phoenix Cruiser

Written by hanglt on 23 Dec, 2009

I have been to Halong many times since childhood but the most unforgettable trip there with me is on Halong Phoenix Cruiser. I had the tour months ago but still, memories are fresh. My friend and I were the first to get on the bus,…Read More

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Memorable Luxury Cruises On Halong Bay

Written by chinhnguyen1976 on 17 Oct, 2009

We had a wonderful trips in Halong Bay this March on the junk called Jasmine. The room is spacious as 4-star superior hotel room, some even with the balcony and chairs. I could not imagines how they have very shiny and spacious wooden boat like…Read More

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