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Casa de Los Sabores Oaxaca Cooking School Review

Written by Casa Machaya on 06 Nov, 2008

If visitors to Oaxacan cooking school La Casa de los Sabores came away with nothing more than great recipes and a gastronomic meal rich in unique herb- and spice-accented flavor combinations that are the hallmark of Oaxacan cuisine, they would leave fully satisfied. But a…Read More

A Proud Family Tradition...Casa Santiago: Rugweavers of Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Written by Casa Machaya on 21 Feb, 2007

Porfirio Santiago is at his loom, diligently weaving a massive 2 x 3 meter rug with traditional designs, from memory, with respresentations of Zapotec diamonds, rainfall, maize, and mountains…just as his father Tomás, grandfather Ildefonso, and great grandfather before him. Wife Gloria is carding a…Read More

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Mexico Day Seven -- Back in Mexico City

Written by ext212 on 27 Oct, 2003

Back in Mexico City for the last day of our 11 day trip. We just wanted to catch up with some of the sights we had missed during the busy holiday week. We took the Metro to the Palacio de Bellas Artes for the Luis…Read More

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Oaxaca Day Five -- Happy New Year!

Written by ext212 on 27 Oct, 2003

We gave ourselves enough time to catch our suburbanes ride back to Oaxaca City. Lunch at Restaurant Lichita in Pochutla offers simple yet flavorful home-cooked Mexican dishes that came in all sorts of orange and brown sauces. Alejandro, the owner's son, introduced himself to us…Read More

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Oaxaca Day Two -- Traveling to Mazunte for the Beach

Written by ext212 on 27 Oct, 2003

By 4am, we've checked out of Paulina Youth Hostel and cabbed to the suburbanes station for our 4:30am departure. The SUV seats eleven people and we two were the only non-Mexican passengers. We talked to a family in the back of the van who were…Read More

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Oaxaca Day One -- Coming from Mexico City

Written by ext212 on 17 Oct, 2003

At 11:30pm we were at the TAPO terminal with the rest of the world. Fifteen minutes before the bus was scheduled to depart, we joined the Equipaje line to check our bags in. The UNO bus is $45 for a one-way overnight bus ride to…Read More

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Night of the Radishes

Written by Marianne on 21 Nov, 2000

On the days approaching Christmas the zocalo becomes more animated. Every day the central square seems to become fuller: more balloon vendors, more traditional food stalls, more arts and craft stands, more pottery displayed on the pavement. Droves of people slowly mill around the square.…Read More

Manuel Reyes: Sculptor, Painter and Renaissance Man from Oaxaca

Written by Casa Machaya on 06 Nov, 2008

Artist Manuel Reyes aspires to exhibit his work in art galleries in Oaxaca and Mexico City. Give him that exposure over the next couple of years, and there’s little doubt his genius will be known in New York, Chicago, and further abroad. American, Canadian…Read More

Traveling to Oaxaca with Children

Written by Casa Machaya on 29 May, 2007

Oaxaca is traditionally known as an adult destination with ruins, churches, museums, and fine art tradition. But having visited the region with our daughter since 1991, and now having been living here for a few years, touring friends with children around the sites, I’m…Read More

Stormy Weather: Rainy Season in Oaxaca, Mexico

Written by Casa Machaya on 04 Feb, 2007

From May until well past summer’s end, Oaxaca can be subject to extreme weather patterns. While we’ve all experienced torrential downpours and damaging winds, here in southern Mexico the region’s utility delivery systems—which at the best of times have lacked quality control and are now…Read More

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