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Enjoy visiting Marsala

Written by Slug on 12 Dec, 2011

Marsala on the west coast of Sicily is one of those Italian cities where strolling round the place is an attraction in itself. Like the capital Palermo, Marsala has an old city heart, and is then surrounded by a "belle époque" era more modern part…Read More

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Studying Italian in Sicily

Written by PaulaGC on 24 Nov, 2008

Study Italian in Sicily while searching your family roots or to discover the charm of Italy’s largest region. This summer I had the opportunity to study in three different cities in Sicily at three different language schools. Each had its own personality and…Read More

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Taormina To Die For

Written by Sally_Moore on 05 Jul, 2006

A visit to Sicily would not be complete without taking in Taormina. A destination loved by the Italians themselves you could be forgiven for thinking this was just another resort. But go anyway. Even though the shops, restaurants, and hotels are in the main over…Read More

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Walking Central Palermo #1 - Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Written by shaunandtrish on 24 Sep, 2004

One of the main advantages that Palermo has in terms of sightseeing is that many of its attractions fall within a square mile or two and center on three main thoroughfares. These are the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the Via Marqueda/Viale Della Liberta, and the Via…Read More

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Reflections - for what its worth

Written by shaunandtrish on 22 Sep, 2004

Travel is a mind-broadening activity. That is why many of us do it. Sometimes the experience is wondrous and overwhelmingly positive; sometimes the learning can involve more mixed experiences. Sicily will give a mix. The island is such a parodox, and it is difficult to work…Read More

From Dream to Nightmare Part 1

Written by Bruno on 22 Jan, 2001

FROM DREAM TO NIGHTMARE Rome - Eating dinner on a hilltop restaurant overlooking the Forum lit up at night, Sicily - Greek and Roman temples, magnificent Mosaics, fishermen in small fishing villages still catching 1000 pound tuna as they have for centuries,…Read More

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The Valley of the Temples

Written by cindylou11157 on 29 Feb, 2004

Standing high on the hills of Sicily, you can visit the largest area of Greek temples. These ruins have survived earthquakes, inclement weather, and the rise and fall of many civilizations. The Temple of Concord is the best-preserved temple anywhere. Looking…Read More

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Written by cindylou11157 on 25 Feb, 2004

Erice is a small medieval village that sits high on a mountain. Walking through its gray stone gate, you feel like you are stepping back in time. You must leave your car outside the main gate because the streets are so narrow.…Read More

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Written by cindylou11157 on 18 Feb, 2004

Taormina sits high on a mountain between the towns of Messina and Catania dating back to the Greeks. We stayed at the Ramanda Inn in Giardini Naxos. It is a 10-minute ride up a scenic road to this quaint town. As we ascended…Read More

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Ferry-Go-Round to Sicily

Written by Richard Cain on 03 Mar, 2005

I suppose the fact that it had taken us 4 months to get the papers together to legally drive our car in Tunisia didn’t augur well for actually trying to take it away to Sicily on holiday. I was right. Mind you, it was my…Read More

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