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IgoUgo's Pike Place Market Journal | Happy 105 Birthday!

IgoUgo's Pike Place Market Journal | Happy 105 Birthday! Photo

Photo by onesundaymorning

Posted on August 17, 2012 in Best of Travel

As one of our favorite attractions in one of our favorite cities, Pike Place Market is a go-to spot for everything Seattle. The historic marketplace opened its doors on August 17, 1907 and has been a must-see for travelers ever since. Stvchin says “It’s not just a place to shop for cheap bulk produce anymore, but a place to experience, dine, and experience what Seattle is really like,” and we raise a glass to the Market’s birthday.

Pike Place Market serves more of a purpose than just vending. Sights greet you as soon as you walk in the entrance. "Start it off at this 3-storey building where you can find Pike Place Fish. Witness some fish throwing skills," suggests gsysimon, referencing the infamous fish market. Fish isn't the only food offered here, "There is a wonderful bakery that can't be missed. Also, be sure to visit the first-ever Starbucks," writes teebee29.

Photo by callen60

The market may be tricky to maneuver as elusiveone found out. "If you come from the waterfront, you need to climb ALL the way up the stairs (the Pikes Place Hill Climb) and push your way through the "shops" (unless you like tacky souvenirs and missing out on the fun of the real market)."

Our members also love other items sold at the market. "Flowers are, besides everything else, one of my favorite purchases. Massive bouquets of flowers are relatively cheap and arrangements come in all different varieties, from simple to extreme and complicated," recommends Emily May. Uyyek like "Local crafts--people sell their wares at rented stalls along the upper level of the market, while three levels of shops abound with anything you can imagine and street performers line the sidewalks and entertain visitors with everything from balloon animals to magic shows to a guy who actually wheels an upright piano down to the market every weekend to play for the tourists."

Photo by onesundaymorning

The market's 105 birthday cements its place in history. "Thanks in part to the efforts of local architect and preservation advocate Victor Steinbrueck, it avoided demolition and urban upheaval and became a National Historic District in 1974," reports billmoy. And "Were it not for a dedicated group of local citizens who managed to save the day back in 1971, this historic and fascinating place, the country‘s oldest continuously operating public market, would have been gone for good," states smmmarti guide.

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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