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Sun, Sea, Sex on the Beach-the Cocktail, of Course!

Fairground Photo, Cyprus, Europe

The tickets have arrived. I can't wait. Two weeks all inclusive on the lovely Mediterranean island of Cyprus where one is practically guaranteed sunshine in the summer months.

Five of us are going. Myself, my husband and our daughter, our twenty year old son and his girlfriend.
Most of us lead busy lives and need a holiday to relax or to do things we normally wouldn’t be able to. And some cope better than others with busy times but I find that I become stressed and need a little time to ponder, to plan and think ahead. I get quite stressed when too much is going on BUT, then again, I always need something to look forward to or I tend to become a bit depressed. I take as much time as I can spare to plan and research my holiday. To me, having a holiday to look forward to keeps me going. I love the planning and the holiday shopping.

My daughter wants to be a West End singer in musicals and she is busy entering competitions and shows. Of course that keeps us busy as we have to drive her around and we like to watch the shows. Then her stage school's vocal group, 'Step Up choir' made it to the live finals of channel 5's, 'Don't Stop Believing' and we discovered that if they made it to the final it would mean her missing the start of our holiday and having to fly out to Cyprus alone. Or I would have to miss the first few days of my holiday and travel with her, cutting short my holiday and incurring extra expense. Anyway, to cut a long story a little shorter, they didn't get through to the final, although critics seem to think they should have. I am relieved and know the experience was good but...yippee!..My holiday plans can now go ahead!

However for most of the year things get extremely busy and so it’s great when things quieten down for a few weeks and we can fit in a holiday.

A few years ago we used to have another weeks holiday in October, when we would explore more of the country we visited, as it's not so hot then, and also we would have a couple of weekends away in this country. Nothing costly, but a welcome break. Now though, along with much of the country, we can't afford this and it could be the only holiday we have this year. Because of this I plan to make the most of it!

So the promise of two weeks of sunshine and laziness looms ahead. I booked with Direct Holidays, which is Thomas Cooke's discounted holiday store. The flight is due to take off at seven a.m. so hopefully, we'll arrive in the afternoon, at The Sentido Pafian Sun, with time to unpack and have a swim and a look around. This will be our fourth trip to Cyprus but we haven't stayed at this hotel/complex before. I chose this one as it offered studios and apartments at a reasonable price. We have an apartment booked with a bedroom and an extra bed in the lounge/kitchen area for my daughter. My son and his girlfriend have a studio with lounge/kitchenette.

I don't think we'll be particularly adventurous as it's extremely hot in Cyprus in August. I expect this to be very much a, 'chill out' holiday. I am anticipating lazy days by the pool, watching the more energetic type play their water polo and volleyball. While they do this I'll sip cold drinks of pineapple or orange juice. I might play a game or two of table tennis and French Boules if I get bored. Or I’ll attempt to read a novel.

When we went on holiday last year we were awaiting my daughter's GCSE results on our return. She was, being that type, very worried about not getting the results she needed. She got great results and was shocked, but this year she will get her A/S level results before we go so hopefully she can have a stress free holiday and celebrate. I have faith in her even, if she doesn't.

And my son and his girlfriend have found this year at university hard going, financially and with the weeks of placements near to their Kent University and further weeks of placement in Cornwall. They enjoyed Cornwall but arranging it and budgeting for fares and accommodation wasn’t easy. I think they are very much looking forward to their two weeks in the sun.

I consider my children to be good friends and very supportive of each other, but am hoping they manage to remember this for the two weeks duration of our holiday and their, now unusual close proximity, as one has moved out to attend university. I want stress free not hassle!

And when, in the late afternoon, early evening, the pool begins to empty and things quieten down, I'll have a cocktail, maybe a Tequilla Sunrise, while we giggle over the names from the menu, such as, probably the most mentioned cocktail, 'sex on the beach' and I'll sip as I watch the sun begin to set.

We'll probably have a day at the ‘Aphrodite Water Park’ in Paphos. I expect the others to get the most out of this, as I think for me it will be a case of a few rides on the lazy river and a bob in the wave machine.

I'll buy a large rubber ring for the pool at the hotel, Not large because I’m that large, but I want to be comfortable! And I'll float around the pool in that and will probably try it out in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I'm hoping that we will find it cool enough on some evenings to visit the harbour at Paphos, travelling by local bus. The bus service is good in Cyprus and the fare is 1.50 Euros wherever you go. Last year we had a couple of lovely meals sitting by the harbour, watching the lights from the boats reflected in the inky blue, night time, Mediterranean Sea. I remember, last year, talking to a Cypriot proprietress of a restaurant who wanted to visit England and see snow!

I think by reading this you can tell how much my holiday means to me.

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