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Beach Hopping

Oahu Beaches Photo, Oahu, Hawaii

It had been raining for weeks. Our hosts said they hadn’t seen the peaks of the mountains outside their windows for a really long time. We brought luck…the peaks were visible and the sun shined for the 2 days of our visit. But the previous lack of sunshine had kept the ocean water too cool for us. So instead of snorkeling and frolicking in the waves as planned, we did a lot of driving around the island and just walking on the beaches. From Waikiki to Kaneohe to Haleiwa, we stopped at any beach that caught our fancy.

Sunset Beach and Sharks Cove showcased the high surf and crashing waves. Laie Beach Park was peaceful, with soft sand and beautiful rock formations. Waikiki was busy with catamarans coming and going and couples and families playing in the waves. One beach had a couple of rope swings so we stopped and played. Another had beautiful aqua-colored water and we just had to stop and take pictures.

At Diamond Head Lookout, we were able to see whales spouting, surfers waiting for that one great ride, and enjoy the park-like setting on the cliff. Mongoose fought and played all over the hillside, seemingly unworried by all the tourists hanging around.

We would rather have picked one or two spots to snorkel and hang out, but it was enjoyable taking in many of the lovely beaches Oahu has to offer.

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