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We drove early across the Sanibel Causeway ($6 to cross) with dreams of seashells dancing in everyone's heads. It truly was our goal for the day. To gather our booty of seashells.

We drove throughout the island, making turn after turn in hopes of running into a beach access point. Finally after several turns we came upon a dirty road that pointed the way to the beaches of Sanibel. The funny thing is that we still do not know what part of the beach this was called. Maybe someday we will find out.

The beaches are beautiful on Sanibel and the shells are everywhere. We walked close to a mile down the beach and shells were just about everywhere. It was so much fun watching the family look and look for shells of any kind. And the shells were beautiful as well as colorful. It truly is the seashell capital of the United States.

After amassing a large amount of shells we shoved off to one of the popular public beaches on Sanibel, Boman Beach. Now bring your walking shoes because the beach is a good 3/4 mile from the parking lot. Showers and bathrooms are available along the way.

Once we entered the beach, it was beautiful, with the water warm and the sand white, the kids had a blast making sand castles and splashing in the Gulf of Mexico. The beach is so large it can accommodate a large amount of beach goers so no need to worry about being crowded on this beach.

Not only were there shells and swimming but the kids went crazy over the wildlife. Of course the herons paraded up and down the beach but we also saw some other interesting things. We saw the shell remains of a horseshoe crab and a small hermit crab made its way down the beach. But the strangest of all had to be the multitude of millipedes on the walk to Boman Beach. I had never seen so many walking along the path in my life. It was quite a site to see.

We picked up our things, seashells in hand as large storm clouds started to roll into the small island. It was a good end to a great day at the beach.

Note: There were several other beach access parks that we were not able to see due to time constraints. Also there is a large nature reserve, J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge, on Sanibel that might be of interest. A lot of good things have been made of it however nap time called for our youngest and it was time to head to the condo. Sanibel has a lot to offer. A must visit when in Southwest Florida.

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