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About those nude beaches!

Diamant itself Photo, Martinique, Caribbean

Yes, this journal did start out discussing a 'family cruise', but often the subject of the nude beaches in Martinique comes up. To begin with, you can't sit on a nude beach unless you are nude. If you sunburn easily or are modest, don't even try to go. Be sure to keep your clothing and valuables in your sight at all times. This is not an experience in which you want to try to walk back from the beach naked.

We usually hire a taxi to go to the beach, arrange for a specific pick-up time, and take turns swimming. We always leave one person on the beach to guard valuables. Most tourists go to the beach at Pointe du Bout. The beach at Diamond Rock is beautiful but is not safe for swimming. Give yourself plenty of time to get back to the ship.

If this is your first nude experience outdoors, use a lot of sunscreen. All male and female body parts can burn! Some people are experienced sun worshippers and can sit there for hours. We've found that anything more than 30 minutes puts us in the danger zone of sunburn, even with the best sunscreen. So don't tell your driver to come back in 4 hours! At certain times of the year, it is also extremely necessary to use a mosquito repellent. After all, it is a tropical island.

An ideal item to have is a pareau. It is a two-meter-long piece of cloth that's about a meter wide. It can be a cover-up, beach towel, and sun shade. If you have young children, of course, it would be best to find a 'regular' beach. Take the sun burn warnings seriously as a little time out on a sunny beach is often enough.

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