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Amazing Sky and Sea Photo, Victoria, British Columbia

As we flew from Seattle in one of those small propeller planes that gives one pause, I knew that the view below was a harbinger of a terrific time. Water and islands were everywhere. We landed on Vancouver Island a short drive from our marina. When we landed, it was raining, a light drizzle. The next morning the skies were clearing and for the remainder of our stay, the weather was wonderful. I have been known to become very seasick, but either my determination or the patch I wore behind my ear saved me from that fate. One of our friends was sick for a while crossing the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver, but she was a real trooper and recovered rather quickly. We did not spend time on all the tourist attractions but enjoyed instead the splendor of the water and of the islands from our boat. We thrilled to the sight of an eagle. There were many sea otters that would suddenly appear beside the boat and just as quickly disappear as I tried to take their picture. The ferry boats and large ships that appeared out of nowhere were special each time we encountered them. I wish that we had been able to spend more time in Victoria and to have been able to see the west coast of Vancouver Island which I think must be spectacular. My husband had promised to cook and clean, and he did. In fact he was neater on the boat than he normally is. I guess it's his love of boating. We slept in sleeping bags on the boat and were quite comfortable. Our friends were lovely traveling companions and never complained. The Canadians appear to be pet friendly, and many of the boaters had dogs. They certainly seem to have a love of flowers. We returned safely with many wonderful memories and hopes to travel northward again.

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