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We looked into going to some of the little out islands and settled on booking with a guy who actually did deep sea tours out of the marina (over by the causeway). I would recomment doing some phone calling early during your stay. I'm sure there are better bargains than we got. We did however take his boat over to one of the smaller uninhabited islands, and it was gorgeous--black spiney urchins had washed up on the shore and I couldn't gather them fast enough to take home!! It was a nesting ground for some type of large bird, and if you got inside their territory they would dive bomb you, which my friend's son found out!! The guide walked all over the strip with the kids, and saw a bunch of stingrays swimming--I opted for a bask on the front of his boat with a cold brewsky, cigarette and my 35mm camera! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to take picnic stuff, but live and learn-there was literally not another human soul out there but the 8 of us!! Snorkeling was not good though, and this is the rule in this area apparently--too much algae and sand stirred up makes the water murky. Great for shelling, which is what this area is know for anyway.

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