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Age Range: 25-29  |  Joined: August 2011

Scarborough, United Kingdom

About Me: I grew up in a small town and always wanted to see the world. I was very lucky to have adventurous parents who took me as many different places as they could. When I went to university I saved all of my 'beer' money up and went travelling at any opportunity. I could live without pretty much everything except the freedom to travel!

Trip Journals by RLB2

Name Destination Date Created
A Scottish Getaway Dumfries, Scotland June 17, 2013
A trip to the Orient Hong Kong, China October 02, 2012
Summer Fun in Sunny Scarborough Scarborough, England August 21, 2012
Exmouth Baby! Exmouth, Western Australia April 30, 2012

Reviews by RLB2

Name Destination Date Written
A luxurious retreat, that's eco-friendly too! Kirkcudbright, , United Kingdom June 17, 2013
One of the only parks in Hong Kong Hong Kong, China October 02, 2012
Have a go on this iconic ferry! Hong Kong, China October 02, 2012
Ghetto Heaven? Hong Kong, China October 02, 2012

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I travel because...
you have to go to know!
I love to travel to...
random of the beaten track places.
I never forget to pack...
a toilet roll...you never know!
My weirdest travel habit is...
being able to sleep anywhere and on anything
It's my dream to travel to...
When I'm not traveling...
I'm saving money to go travelling.