Bangalore Journals

Buying My Sherwani in Bangalore

A February 2005 trip to Bangalore by Oncearunner

Quote: My friends in Sri Lanka announced the wedding of their daughter for July in Colombo. It would be Indian style. Since I was to be on a trip to India before July, I decided to buy a sherwani to wear to the wedding.

The Hunt for the Elusive Sherwani

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I was on a 16-day trip to 10 cities in India. One of my students, Saad, who lived in Bangalore, was to help me get a sherwani. By the way, a sherwani is a formal suit of clothing used for special occasions. Well, first we went to his personal tailor to have my measurements taken. I figured that we'd pick out the material there and have the thing made in a couple days. But no, we had to go to ANOTHER tailor to select the material. That turned out to be a MAJOR undertaking, because Saad was never satisfied with the quality of the 57 varieties of black material. So we began looking for a ready-made sherwani. In the third shop, I found an absolutely beautiful suit - all black with gold...Read More