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Overland from UK to India by car

Posted by steadyfriend on August 05, 2009

My friend and I am planning to drive all the way to India in a car. I did this journey some 30 years ago and realise things have changed a lot of late. My route will be from London to Istanbul, thereafter to Iran, then Pakistan and finally India, avoiding Afghanistan altogether. From Iran, I intend to cross over into Pakistan either through Zahedan to Quetta, or else further down south in Iran, following the costal road via Gwadur to Karachi.

Has anyone travelled on this route recently ? I would be grateful for practical hints from those who've passed either of these entry points into Pakistan recently. Please contact me on Many thanks.

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Reply by dhana miah on November 30, 2009

I am doing the same journey on March or April 2010 from London to Bangladesh there are 3 of us journey was planned for October 2009 due to hostilities in Pakistan we rearrange the journey for March or April 2010.

Reply by nischalnh on December 12, 2009

Dont on that way, u may be lost in Pakistan. Its a mess now.

Reply by steadyfriend on January 09, 2010

Yes nischainh, I am aware of the situation in Pak, therefore my friend and I have delayed our overland journey somewhat. We are waiting for things to settle down considerably before proceeding.

Reply by robwill on September 26, 2010

Anyone thinking of doing this trip car ,Bus or motorbike i for one would be intrested in it been to india a few times, but would love to go overland.

Reply by bobkerry on September 27, 2010

i totally agree that situations in Pakistan are now messed up...before setting for the trip first take all the related as well as useful materials with you in order to be on the safe side...apart from this i think your trip will be the good one because now teh routes are also clear

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