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The Tandana Foundation's 2011 Mali Volunteer Vacation


Posted by kollergirl on November 11, 2010

The Tandana Foundation NEWS RELEASE
2933 Lower Bellbrook Rd., Spring Valley, OH, 45370 For immediate release

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Anna Taft, Executive Director, at 937-848-2993

Join The Tandana Foundation’s 2011 Mali Volunteer Vacation and Lend a Helping Hand While Experiencing Mali's Cultural Riches

Spring Valley, Ohio -The Tandana Foundation is offering individuals a way to extend the season of giving into January by organizing a Volunteer Vacation to Mali from January 8th to the 23rd. Participants will share their time and lend a helping hand to people half a world away. They will give and receive the precious gifts of friendship and new experiences. One of the new experiences will be the opportunity to spend the entire trip enjoying the rich culture of Mali's Dogon Country. This region is located near Mali's eastern border and is a UN world heritage site.

The primary focus of this trip will be helping the villagers of Kansongho improve community life by working side-by-side with them on several projects. This trip’s main project will be the construction of an income generating cotton bank for the village’s women. This will enable the women to have access to cotton for spinning year-round at an affordable price. Participants will also work with villagers to construct anti-erosion dikes in the fields. They will stay in the village for six days and, after hard days at work, will relax and enjoy the culture of their generous hosts.

Before and after their stay in Kansongho, participants will tour Mali's rich countryside and see the country's landmarks. The tour will include a visit to the city of Djenne. There they will visit the world's largest mud brick mosque, visit with artisans and learn how to make their own mudcloths (bogolan). They will see some of Dogon Country’s historical sites and visit Tandana projects in other communities.

In Yarou Plateau, the group will work with local children in their school garden. The trip will be capped off with an overnight pinasse trip up the Niger River. Throughout the entire tour the group will meet a wide variety of fascinating people including nomads, fishermen, textile producers and wood carvers.

The trip costs $2600. This does not include airfare to Mali but does include all in-country lodging, food, transportation and activities. Interested individuals may visit The Tandana Foundation's website,"></a>, to learn more about the Volunteer Vacation and register for the trip. Also on the website is more information about all the other wonderful volunteer opportunities organized by Tandana.

For more information about The Tandana Foundation, please visit"></a>.
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