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Opening Day

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After the loud crack of the 16 fireworks, we headed straight off for the beer tents. Unfortunately, so did everyone else so we decided to go for a walk around the carnival area. On our way over to the party, we realized that the best course of action would be a quick bit to eat, walk around and then head over to the beer tents to see what the crowd was like. Instead of a large, heavy meal, we went for a snack and a soda, just to prime the stomach. Almost immediately, we found a food stand selling pomme frites (french fries with either ketchup or mayo).

While we were waiting for our fries, there was actually a woman (an American from the south, by the sounds of it) who asked the woman behind the counter where you get beer at Oktoberfest! Not only did you have to go out of your way to find a sober area but it was almost impossible to not find beer anywhere within a 20 feet radius from wherever you are standing. The question broad sided the woman behind the counter and the lady asking started to become irate. She thought that the woman behind the counter was being rude when in actuality, the one asking the question had just asked a stupid question and it took all by surprise.

After the debacle of the question and the waiting for the fries, our food was finally done so we decided to enjoy them in the shade and watch the idiots on the free fall ride where it brings you up something like 30 stories and then drops you. The fries, which were so hot it was crazy, were amazing, but they went fast, so off we went on our tour of the Oktoberfest carnival.

One of the rides that we both wanted to do was the new version of the tea cup ride at Disney. You know the one where you spin around in a chair for two on a giant disc. The ride was 3 euros each, a bit steep but totally worth it. I thought that this ride would be a quick 1 minute or so, but I was quickly mistaken. The ride lasted almost 4 minutes, causing my pomme frites and soda to spin so much I thought I was going to lose it. After the possessed machine finally stopped, I was extremely dizzy and my insides were way off.

Because of that blasted ride, we had to head home and take a nap to relax the insides for the evening’s festivities. I mean, it’s Oktoberfest! How can we not drink? So, we headed back to the hotel and the night would soon be on us and we needed to be ready.

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