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Restaurant Row

Torrance has a lot of restaurants placed together. The actual "restaurant row" is a strip mall filled with restaurants behind the Torrance Hilton, at the corners of Torrance and Hawthorne Boulevards. Some of the restaurants include Marie Callender's, El Torito, Souplantation, Red Lobster, Restaurant Christine, and Benihana. There are also many restaurants along Hawthorne Boulevard, including El Pollo Inka, The Loft, Hana Pho, ChoDang Tofu House, South Bay Grill, Seafood Town, TGI Friday's, and the Olive Garden.

There is a restaurant for your craving. If you want a chain restaurant, it's here. If you want Chinese, you have a variety of places. Korean, you have plenty of places. Hawaiian, it's here. Peruvian, Cuban, Indian, Indonesian, whatever you want, it's probably here. That's the great thing about living in Torrance; you have so many options when you want to eat out.

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