U GO! Awards

Congratulations to Our Winners

We're proud to present the winners of the 2008 U GO! Awards, as well as all the nominees. These outstanding contributions—and members like you who voted—are what make IgoUgo the best travel community around. Here’s to you, and happy travels!

IgoUgo Writer Awards

Travel Writer

of the Year

Travel Photographer

of the Year

New Travel Writer

of the Year

IgoUgo Photo Awards

Shot of Urban Award

For the best city photo

Frames of Flora Award

For the best nature photo

  • Church of the Good Shepherd
  • by Red Mezz
  • Pu’u O’o Crater Up Close
  • by MilwVon

Faces of Places Award

For the best people photo

  • The Road Goes Ever On...
  • by stomps

Laughing Through the Lens Award

For the best funny photo

  • Attack of the Giant Eyeball
  • by pbpd81
  • Las Palmas Navidad Belen de Arena
  • by manumombo