U GO! Awards

Welcome to the 2011 U GO! Awards

Thanks for visiting the 2011 U GO! Awards! The voting period has ended, but while we tally your picks, take a look at this year’s nominees and explore their stellar contributions to IgoUgo. Check back soon to see the winners!

IgoUgo Member Awards

IgoUgo Writing Awards

Om Nom Nom Award

For best food writing

Are We There Yet? Award

For best family writing

Urban Pathfinder Award

For best city writing

Chirpy Copy Award

For best nature writing

IgoUgo Photo Awards

Pretty City Award

For best city photography

  • by Frangliz
  • by Lavenderdays
  • by meghan0121

Fantastic Flora and Fauna Award

For best nature photography

  • by MilwVon

Lookin’ Good Award

For best photos of people

  • by MilwVon
  • by SeenThat

Moving Out Award

For best transportation photos

  • by flyingscot4
  • by NBH