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Lake District Gardens

Created by Harrod on April 15, 2006

1 Review

The Lake District is famous for its rugged scenery, but it also contains some great gardens, whose setting amongst wild nature can be inspirational.

Wonderful Windermere!

Created by Sepo on March 11, 2003

2 Reviews

Windermere and Bowness are located in the very scenic county of Cumbria in the heart of English Lake District. Staying at Windermere Marina Village, an RCI Gold Crown resort (#1636), makes a perfect base for exploring northern England and Scotland, great for a variety of activities from shopping to hiking.

In addition to Lakeland

Created by davidx on June 1, 2002

10 Reviews

The Lakes are terrific and I have done a journal - but you may be unable or unwilling to face mountains - or just want a change. In any case it is a big county and there is plenty there.

England's Lakes

Created by Julia on June 25, 2000

4 Reviews

England's Lake District is a stunningly beautiful and charming retreat from

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