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Tuscan Summers: Living "La Vita Buona"

Created by Bear in Britain on November 3, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

8 Reviews

For many tourists Tuscany is a manic dash from one monumental sight to another. Uffizi; Ponte Vecchio; Leaning Tower … check. The pace misses the essence of the place. Italians embody gracious living. This journal attempts to capture their knack for mixing work and play into a soul-soothing “good life”.

TRAVELS IN TUSCANY - No Licence Required

Created by Ozzy-Dave on March 22, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

11 Reviews
1 Story

To drive or not to drive. That’s the question when planning a trip to Tuscany. How to visit those medieval villages and explore the vast landscape. Faced with this dilemma on a recent journey through Italy we decided not to drive, preferring to explore the area using public transport.

Spas in Tuscany

Created by barbara on December 15, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

14 Reviews
13 Stories

Tuscany is a beautiful land of rolling hills, rich foods, and friendly people. Healthcare is tied into the land; therefore the Italian government actually helps fund annual trips to thermal spas for its many citizens!

Tuscany and Florence: Two Perfect Weeks

Created by JenLara on November 14, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

3 Reviews
5 Stories

I spent two weeks in Florence and Tuscany during the fall, re-acquainting myself with the city I love and once lived in, and then tooling around the hill towns of Tuscany with two friends. Sheer paradise!

Dreamy Tuscany

Created by Go Girl! on October 11, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

If you love good wine, amazing food, idealic scenery and friendly people -- look no further. Tuscany has it all.

Chianti and Cycling

Created by gosusan on September 16, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews
1 Story

Last Spring I biked around Tuscany on a tour with Freewheeling Adventures. This should provide some tips for those you who have considered an "active" vacation or who suspect there's more to Tuscany than the standard Florence/Siena/San Gimignano circuit.

Tuscany Unplugged

Created by annmarie on September 16, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Tuscany is choked with tourists and tourist traps. In search of the pristine Tuscan countryside, we discovered Sabina, a charming rural district where the views of the countryside compete with the best of Tuscany, where we found sumptuous inexpensive meals served in hidden little restaurants, and where the local welcome is genuine.

Tuscany: A Lazier Pace of Life

Created by Kontesssa on September 2, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews
2 Stories

I HAD to take a break from the madhouse that is the Florence-Venice-Rome triangle. And Tuscany was the place to do it - two days in San Gimignano and another two in Siena.

Terrific Times in Tuscany

Created by Praskipark on July 23, 2008

1 Review
1 Story

I am in love with southern Italy and here are some of my experiences when traveling and camping in this beautiful region.

The Arno River

Created by paolo1899 on November 29, 2007

1 Review

The Arno River

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