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The Bridges Over the Ljubljanica

Created by fizzytom on October 19, 2012

3 Reviews

The Ljubljanica is not one of the great rivers of Europe but it is special in its own way and for the charming and interesting bridges that span it.

Excellent B&B Petra Varl in Old Ljubljana

Created by alxjul on January 31, 2008

1 Review

An excellent Christmas at B&B Petra Varl in Ljubljana after a strenuous trek in Eastern Europe.

Cycling and Rafting in Ljubljana

Created by ulyjohny on July 11, 2007

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1 Story

We spent a great time on the cycling and rafting trip in Ljubljana. Many thanks to Skok Sport team for making our break in Ljubljana so funny and exciting.

Weekend in Ljubljana

Created by scratchy cat on December 12, 2006

1 Review
1 Story

A fantastic, friendly, and also cheap weekend away in Ljubljana, Slovenia. An up and coming destination which is a must see for any eastern Europe fans.

Apartment in ljubljana

Created by strubelca on May 16, 2006

1 Review

I spend few days in modern, lovely apartment. It was excellent. My friends were in Mandi, and they were very satisfied too.

Ljubljana: Small Town/Big City

Created by mightywease on August 1, 2004

2 Reviews

With the cobblestone streets of the old town overlooked by a castle on top of a wooded hill, Ljubljana could almost be the ‘Ruritania’ of Anthony Hope’s “Prisoner of Zenda”. In fact, it is a vibrant, forward-looking city full of culture, history and with a lively nightlife.

Sippin' away summer in Slovenia

Created by backpack grrl on November 3, 2002

1 Review

When everyone else headed to Japan and Korea to make big bucks teaching ESL, I decided to go somewhere different, somewhere I'd never even heard of, and it turned out to be Slovenia! I spent 12 months in a love/hate/love relationship with this country and its people.

Overnight in Ljublijana

Created by NMartira on March 3, 2002

4 Reviews

Check out the charming and pocket-sized capital city of Slovena. A great weekend break. I can't wait to return in warm weather.


Created by Absik on January 29, 2001

1 Review

My feelings about Ljubljana


Created by Jason on July 4, 2000

6 Reviews

Most people travelling through Europe by train miss out entirely on one of the Continent's best kept secrets. For a country so small, Slovenia offers a an array of climates alone that warrant a visit, including seaside beach resorts, top notch skiing and some the world's most fascinating caves.

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