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Salsa and Sunshine

Created by spanishflea on April 10, 2003

7 Reviews

Ahhh, the sunshine, the beautiful beach, and the amazing people make this one of my top destinations!

Best beaches yet

Created by Liken D Sun on January 26, 2003

5 Reviews

My fourth trip to Cuba and my first to Varadero, these are the best beaches I have found anywhere. Far superior to Hawaii and the rest of the Caribbean.

communist paradise

Created by nikdob on September 26, 2002

1 Review

We enjoyed varadero immensely;locals were friendly and willing to take you into there homes and give you all that they could; this from family;s that can only afford meat once or twice a year

Vacationing in Varadero 2002

Created by leanne123 on September 2, 2002

5 Reviews

Vacationing in Varadero

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