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Geneva on the Cheap - May 2009

Created by koshkha on May 5, 2009

3 Reviews

My husband and I just spent a weekend staying with friends in Geneva, one of Europe's most expensive cities. We have a secret Credit Crunch weapon - my friend Pilar who knows a bargain when she sees one. We spent less than £80 between two of us.

Bon Appetit in Switzerland!

Created by callmechia on February 21, 2007

1 Story

Just scratching the surface of the wealth of great things to eat in Switzerland.


Created by cr008k on October 18, 2006

1 Review

Weekend trip to Geneva.

A Few Days in Geneva

Created by hellbunnie on October 7, 2006

8 Reviews

I visited Geneva for a conference but managed to get in a few tourist activities while there.

February Weekend in Switzerland

Created by suartd on August 13, 2006

2 Reviews

This trip to Geneva in Switzerland involved a trip up into the mountain range in Verbier, a night in a hotel in France, and some good old Swiss hospitality.

A Midsummer Week in Geneva

Created by suartd on August 9, 2006

4 Reviews

I spent a week in Geneva this Summer most of it attending the Paleo festival. Read on to find out more about the festival.

Memorable Meals

Created by Mark Entwistle on April 28, 2006

1 Review

One memorable meal in Geneva's old town with a mixture of friends and business associates.

Jet d'eau!

Created by shimji on April 20, 2006

1 Review

In 1930, the city of Geneva installed the Jet d’eau (Water Fountain) where it is today, on the Rade, together with electric lighting. Now, this is the landmark of Geneva, and the 140-foot jet can be seen from most of the parts of the city.

Fun and Physics in Geneva, Switzerland

Created by travelswithkids on February 15, 2006

7 Reviews

My wife and I spent a week in Geneva. She had fun while I attended work meetings during the day, but we explored at night.

A Most Enjoyable City Stay in Geneva

Created by mostindian on June 13, 2005

1 Review

Two short days in Geneva only gave as glimpses of all the possibilities in town.

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