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Kayaking with Fin Whales

Created by Lelli on September 8, 2003

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The scenic coastland of Cape Breton with an informative and experienced kayaking tour company. Sea Eagles riding on the Ocean waves create a total wilderness pilot whales ventured close but a pair of Fin Whales with a calf did! These sea creatures are just enormous. Pleasant Bay is unforgettably beautiful....camping at the Park was perfect the sites were gorgeous and the cooking facilities the best!.......


Created by crystal deveaux on July 14, 2003

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Cape Breton Island is a great getaway surrounded by ocean and also home of the famous tourist attraction, the Cabot Trail.

Cape Breton - a wee bit o Scotland

Created by Re Carroll on December 7, 2000

5 Reviews

Cape Breton is about 3 hours west of Halifax and offers dramatic scenery along its rugged shore.

Cape Breton, a distant treat

Created by samepenny on October 21, 2000

11 Reviews
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Cape Breton is an island at what we've come to think of as the 'upper end' of Nova Scotia. Actually it's northeast of Halifax. Great in summer, a skiers haven in winter. Connected to the mainland of Nova Scotia by a bridge, it's an easy drive from Halifax.

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