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2 nights in a Black Hole

Created by Nick & Suzy on March 27, 2002

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A two week journey to Monterrey and Wine Country was wonderful (Santa Rosa Journal to come), except for our accomodations that not only misled you on their web site, but was worse than anything in my life other than a tent in Korea.

Lovely Mendocino

Created by NaplesPaul on March 23, 2002

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Mendocino combined spectacular scenery, fine dining, wine tasting and world class accomodations to make a memorable trip.

Anniversary in Mendocino

Created by KOCO on July 13, 2001

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On our first anniversary, we went to Mendocino. I am from Connecticut, and my husband thought it would remind me of New England. It did. It isn't a fancy place, but has charm and the kind of hospitality you would expect from a small coastal town.

Mendocino Weekend Getaway

Created by Shauna on June 25, 2001

2 Reviews

Mendocino looks like an east coast seaside town, on the bluffs over crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Both a romantic destination, and an exhilirating outdoor experience for nature enthusiasts.

More Rambles along Rt 1

Created by gosusan on January 12, 2001

9 Reviews

The following journal shows some of the towns and attractions that can be visited as one meanders up the coast-hugging Route 1 from San Francisco up to Mendocino.


Created by KIP on December 1, 2000

2 Reviews

The tv series Murder She Wrote was filmed here because of Mendocino's resemblance to a New England town. It is quaint and beautiful.

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