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One day Odyssey to The Taj

Created by quickget on November 2, 2007

1 Review

The trip was not actually pre-planned amongst my friends but when I expressed my willingness for a break away, the choice was obvious..The Taj!!

Agra and the Taj Mahal

Created by cjg1 on January 10, 2007

2 Reviews

My one night and two-day stay in Agra.

Modern Wonders of the World—Taj Mahal

Created by sbmalik on July 4, 2006

1 Review
1 Story

Beauty of Taj Mahal

Agra-tecture at its Best

Created by tammyhayano on May 25, 2006

1 Review

The thought of a "guided group tour" made me cringe. It would be breaking the backpacker code of conduct, not to mention a personal DIY travel pride. In the end, however, sensibility, shortness on time, and the advantage of personal security made me cave.


Created by Jolinar on May 7, 2006

1 Review

Agra, the city of the magnificent Taj Mahal.

Mecca for Idiots

Created by chaseshishorse on March 19, 2006

3 Reviews

Welcome to Agra, land of mystery, enchantment, and people who ask to take your picture and will probably Photoshop it and post you "naked" on the Internet.

Fatehpur Sikri

Created by HELEN001 on May 3, 2005

3 Reviews

Fatehpur Sikri, 45km west of Agra, is the former and now abandoned capital of the Moghul emporer Akbar. Built in the later half of the 16th-century and abandoned not long after due to the salinity of the water supply, it is a beautifully preserved architectural masterpiece.

Getaway in Agra

Created by shiva anandam on April 8, 2005

1 Review

Taj Mahal is a real wonder. See its beauty early in the morning and during sunset.

Day at Taj Mahal

Created by RSchoettger on February 15, 2005

1 Review

Of all of man's endeavors with building an ultimate structure, nothing comes close to the Taj Mahal, a true labor of love. Experiencing a full day at this site casts different shades of light on the Taj as the sun shifts across the sky.

Backpacking Rajasthan + Agra

Created by on January 20, 2005

7 Reviews
1 Story

In what seemed like the longest five days of my life, my Indian cousin, her boyfriend, and I went to three of the most visited cities in Northern India: Jaipur, Agra, and Udaipur.

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