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Hunt Country

Created by HorseRacing101 on November 10, 2005

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Middleburg, Virginia, is located approximately 30 minutes from Dulles Airport. This beautiful village celebrates its fox-hunting heritage.

Leesburg, Virginia

Created by HorseRacing101 on November 9, 2005

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Go to downtown Leesburg for a wonderful shopping experience. Stop in many of the cafes for a quick bite. The King Arms Tavern has a wonderful Southern favorite--peanut soup--as well as other good dishes. The Loudoun Museum has various programs and walking guides for a small donation.

Leesburg so rich with history!

Created by not2creative on July 16, 2003

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Founded in 1758, Leesburg is only 35 miles away from Washington D.C. and worth the trip! Leesburg was named to honor the influential Lee family of Virginia. "During the War of 1812, Leesburg served as the temporary capital of the United States when the valuable papers of the Federal Archives (including the Declaration of Independence and Constitution) were brought to town for safekeeping. President James Monroe resided just south of town at Oak Hill, where he wrote the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. Leesburg was the site of the Civil War Battle of Ball's Bluff, a bloody Confederate victory fought on the banks of the Potomac River." There are battlefields, mansions, a quaint historic district, and a huge outlet mall to end your day! Leesburg is located in Loudoun county, the country's third fastest growing county -- come visit and you will know why!

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