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Discover a Jewel

Created by Nicky Mc on September 11, 2006

1 Review

Dreaming of gardens in the desert sand.

Jeddah to Dublin to Dundalk in a hurry

Created by irac on October 17, 2004

4 Reviews
1 Story

I travelled from Jeddah to Istanbul by myself before picking up my dad, who was waiting in Istanbul. We raced against time for me to make a game in Dundalk on June 4th.

On the edge of darkness

Created by irac on October 3, 2004

2 Reviews

I arrived to Jeddah the week before the world caught fire. Over the following two years, I moved right into the heart of all things unholy!

Camping in Harithi

Created by Ursula Winters on July 21, 2004

1 Review

One weekend, we and some of our friends decided to camp in Harithi (about 3 hours from Jeddah in east direction). The drive towards Taif up to the escarpment was pretty pleasant, but the path to Harithi campsite was very rough and steep.

Balad- The Soul of Jeddah

Created by Ahmed Nagoor on July 17, 2003

4 Reviews
2 Stories

Balad, the old Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, is a walled city still exhibiting the charm of the medieval times. It is an enchanting experience that I would like to share with others.

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