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The Italian Job: The Isle of Capri

Created by KJP on December 1, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Is this tiny Mediterranean island’s idyllic, rustic beauty intact, or has it become little more than a luxurious playground for the affluent? The answer is...

Italy: Capri

Created by kylebarber on November 29, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Highlights and photos from my short excursion to the island of Capri.

Isolated Capri

Created by travel2000 on November 2, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Isolated Capri-the winter visit lets you touch and feel this beautiful island, without being pushed and shoved by millions of other visitors.

The Isle of Capri

Created by hermion on November 1, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Only two hours by ferry from Naples is the beautiful island of Capri. The harbor is bustling as is the town of Capri, overrun with daytrippers. So we took the bus to Anacapri and stayed there, having a wonderful view of the whole Island.

Bus tour to Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Naples

Created by superpurd on September 24, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Took a three day bus tour with Carrani Tours starting and ending in Rome staying in Capri and Sorrento. Included a city bus tour of Naples, tour of old Pompeii destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius, a short tour of Capri, an afternoon in Capri,a day in Sorrento.

Capri beautiful Island with amazing views

Created by lovethecaribbean on June 26, 2011

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Capri is a popular destination for a day trip, but we stayed for three nights. I'd highly recommend spending at least one night to capture the real charm of the island.

Capri: Good for Family and Romance

Created by Katie Elaine on February 13, 2007

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To me, the island of Capri is the most beautiful place along the Amalfi coast. This is a great place to take the family or to have a romantic getaway.

Weekend on the Amalfi Coast

Created by traveller22 on February 24, 2006

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Weekend on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Capri.


Created by SvetaB on December 30, 2005

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The beauty of the island of Capri is absolutely indescribable. The water is 10 different shades of blue, from crystal to royal.

Funnicula Funniculi

Created by leopardgrrrl88 on July 22, 2005

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This journal tells of my adventures in Capri.

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