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Playa Samara, Costa Rica:

Created by Marianne on January 28, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

4 Reviews
1 Story

Samara: the perfect place to meet ticos, eat gallo pinto, and do some bird watching.

Guanacaste Honeymoon

Created by John Denholm on August 27, 2008

6 Reviews

Most people don't spend as much time in Samara as we did but it gave us a chance to live the ex-patriot life if only for a week.

Playa Samara

Created by costa-rica on April 6, 2006

1 Review

Hotels, restaurants, and bars in Playa Samara

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Created by HomerJSimpson on April 12, 2005

2 Reviews

Punta Islita Hotel - I can't imagaine a honeymoon spot any better than this.

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