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Bar-hopping in Hermosa

Created by annylee80 on September 12, 2005

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Checked out two local bars--Patrick Malloy's and Sharkee's

Pilates with the BEST

Created by charlottesomtimes on March 23, 2005

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Contact Joy for private pilates lessons. She is terrific. She focuses on your body improvement and motivation. Specials are going on right now too. It's a nice weekly thing to do, or just pop in when you're in Hermosa for a workout! Call (310)379-9798 or click here.

Hermosa Beach from the City Next Door

Created by E. B. on August 2, 2003

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I often go to Hermosa Beach to take dance classes. It's a city with a beach culture like Torrance, Manhattan, and Redondo Beach, but it's a smaller city, so don't expect any hospitals or high schools in Hermosa Beach. The residents have to go elsewhere for that.

The Best Beach

Created by cornyq on May 16, 2003

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Have drinks on the roof of Hennessey's at sunset for a unforgettable visit to the city voted "Best Beach Town" by the Travel Channel. This town has it all - gorgeous people, beautiful pier, active beaches, fun restaurants, crazy bars, and great shopping.

California Dreamin' Hermosa Beach

Created by StephCat on March 6, 2003

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Few quick tips about Hermosa!

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