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Canada Day in Fredericton

Created by grannola on July 3, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

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Beginning of a road trip. Started in Fredericton.

Fredericton: The City of Stately Elms

Created by moatway on May 29, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Fredericton lies quietly on the banks of the beautiful St. John River, a university town and provincial capital. Its stately homes and public buildings call out to the traveller to pause and spend some time on its riverwalks and in its pleasant downtown.

Weekend Getaway To Fredericton

Created by amcgrath on April 21, 2004

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We were looking somewhere to get away to and Fredericton is close with a lot to offer.

New Brunswick's Capital City

Created by LacyLoLa on December 22, 2003

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New Brunswick's Capital city: home to the University of New Brunswick and St Thomas University, The Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery, great shopping and upscale dining/nightlife. The weekly farmer's market is a fresh taste of rural New Brunswick, and best of all, the people are friendly and happy to greet tourists.

New Brunswick`s Capital

Created by spaceout on September 30, 2003

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Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick. The city law has regulations about building in the city center, which must keep their historical origin and looks, resulting in the city keeping most of its cultural beauty alive.

Fredericton NB

Created by kfs1980 on July 14, 2003

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Fredericton, NB.

Shopping Trip To Fredericton

Created by amcgrath on May 12, 2003

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Some of the thngs to see and do.

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