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Great Town to Raise Your Children

Created by M_Judge on October 28, 2004

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Do you not want to live in the city? Hampton is the place for you. It's a beautiful rural town of a few thousand, and everyone is your friend. If you do need anything, Hampton is 20 minutes from Saint John, but if you leave, you'll want to come back.

Town life...

Created by spaceout on March 3, 2004

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Hampton is small, yet the few thousand people who live here are welcoming and helpful. Within only a few years this town will surely develop into a city.

the maritimes best "little town"

Created by jenarlene on November 6, 2003

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Visiting Hampton will get you a true Maritime experience with beautiful rolling hills, farms, and friendly small town people and rivers. Hampton is just off of the Trans Canada, on the way to Fundy, Sussex, Moncton, and Nova Scotia. Be sure to stop by!

Hampton - A hidden gem

Created by shewolf on August 14, 2003

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Hampton -- small place with big possibilities.

Home sweet Home

Created by coeby on May 10, 2003

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A little area just outside of Hampton is where I grew up. It's a place called Upperton. Not many attractions out there, but what a beautiful place to live!

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