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Silverleaf's Villages

Created by Mitchell7304 on July 14, 2004

1 Review

This was a family vacation that was just wonderful. We stayed at Silverleaf's Villages and not only was the resort beautiful but the staff went out of their way to make our stay wonderful.

Tyler Check-in

Created by Mirruna on June 13, 2004

2 Stories

Read about what I liked and disliked.

Our Dog Loved Texas

Created by jgcab on March 30, 2004

1 Review

Lake O' the Woods Resort was a perfect getaway for my husband, myself, and our dog, Max. It was quiet and secluded, yet there were many things to do like archery, minigolf, shuffleboard, swimming, fishing, etc. We enjoyed walks with Max on quiet roads. Wonderful place!

Weekend Hideaway

Created by Tina_1 on February 5, 2004

2 Reviews

The Villages in Tyler, TX is a great hideaway resort for just getting away and relaxing with family and friends. There are plenty of activities for adults and children alike. My son always asks me when are we going back to the resort.

Family Vacation Texas Style

Created by Blaine&Caroline on January 7, 2004

3 Reviews

Taking a family of seven on a trip is like moving out of Egypt. However, the trip to Silverleaf Resort, near Tyler, Texas, was well worth the effort.

my first journal

Created by trashman on October 24, 2003

1 Review

This is my first journal about my great hometown of Tyler, Texas!

A Rosy Experience in Tyler, Texas

Created by etmccaskill on May 2, 2003

1 Review

Tyler TX lived up to its reputation as the Rose Capital of America. The roses were as beautiful as the attitudes of its residents.

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