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Oakland Zoo

Created by Pat Tam on November 19, 2007

1 Review

I would like musk oxen from Alaska featured at the Oakland Zoo and quviot products sold in the gift shop.

Oakland is the Place to Eat Well!

Created by lbernhardt on November 10, 2005

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Neldham's Danish Bakery

Down the California coast for the 4th of July

Created by bonvivant702 on September 13, 2004

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Sean and I, ignoring the naysayers who said it'd take us forever, took his Mazda and headed down the Coast via Highway 1 from the Bay Area to LA and then to San Diego.

Oakland--parts to avoid

Created by PainterDave on March 7, 2004

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Visitors to the Bay Area should feel fairly safe in most areas, but one area in Oakland that should be avoided is anywhere south of Chinatown and the Oakland Coliseum. It is a good idea not to drive through the residential area there. Stay on the freeway.

Things to do in Oakland

Created by cassidy90 on August 19, 2003

4 Reviews

I have stayed in Oakland on several different occasions and was surprised how much there is to do there. Not a bad place to visit if you're passing through.


Created by panda2 on April 9, 2003

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7 Stories

Oakland is less expensive to rent across the bay from the city of San Francisco, but life here isn't like what's available in the city, downtown pulls in its welcome mat come nightfall. Still it has its own uniqueness.

San Francisco's stepchild

Created by Princess KB on January 9, 2003

8 Reviews

Oakland, the largest city on the much maligned East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, offers a wealth of cultural, epicurian, and natural attractions without the big-city prices or crowds.

Jazz and Baseball

Created by zachisbest on August 17, 2001

1 Review

You may be wondering how I live in San Diego, London, Berkeley and Oakland. But I really do consider myself a resident of all these places.

Weekend in Oakland, CA

Created by Grainne on July 23, 2001

2 Reviews

I enjoyed a relaxing weekend in beautiful Oakland and saved my client $1000 on airfare!

Oak-town - the Bay Area city w/the "real" people

Created by Ally on July 13, 2001

8 Reviews

I've been living in the "City" (of San Fran) for the past 1.5 years. Only recently have I ventured to explore the East Bay. So far, I’m really enjoying the sunnier and warmer weather and getting to see the city that's still a little rough around the edges.

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