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Palawan Review

Created by qualo1 on April 11, 2009

1 Story

puerto princessa, el nido, coron

Picturesque Palawan

Created by marseilles on October 23, 2007

3 Reviews

Four nights of food and fun in beautiful Palawan.

Island Hopping Adventure

Created by janecajuguiran on April 3, 2007

2 Reviews

A laid back, fishing village but with great vacationing potentials. It's a secret paradise.

The Paradise of Palawan Island

Created by leine on October 22, 2005

5 Reviews
2 Stories

It is amazing to see the archipelago when you are above it in the propellor plane. The Gulf of Palawan is breathtaking, as we later discovered. Turtles were swimming along the boat, and we saw secret beaches.

Puerto Princesa-Carefree Capital of Palawan

Created by HiramAbif on May 31, 2005

3 Reviews

Most visitors to Palawan use Puerto Princesa as a mere arrival-departure point and spend very little time at the Puerto. Yet that little care-free town is an excellent place to stay for few days and savor the original atmospheric culture of the westernmost provincial Philippino capital.

Sabang - Visit Before It Changes Forever

Created by HiramAbif on May 23, 2005

2 Reviews

Sabang is a beautiful coastal village on the western Palawan, which easily could be part of a dream--the sort of exotic island dream with magic rivers and beaches, fantastic and still unspoilt flora and fauna, friendly locals, superb food, and the most relaxing atmosphere imaginable.

A Journey to the Underground River

Created by tschai on May 22, 2005

1 Review

Hello there! Welcome to my journal. A lot of you guys would expect that this would be a very exciting journey, and it will be if you're interested in nature like me.

The Magic Islands of Bacuit Archipelago

Created by HiramAbif on May 15, 2005

2 Reviews

The scenery and the natural beauty of the still unspoilt Bacuit archipelago has to be seen to be fully appreciated, and the islands cater to both the eccentric millionaire who wants to escape from stress of his business and the laid-back backpacker with the strictest of budgets.

Tay Tay - Former Capital of Palawan

Created by HiramAbif on May 15, 2005

2 Reviews
1 Story

Tay Tay was once the capital of Palawan. Current first impressions leave Tay Tay behind El Nido and other more touristy Palawan destinations. Yet, if you read the accommodation and experience entries of this journal, you may see why the future belongs, again, to Tay Tay.

The Islands of Honda Bay - The Secret Heaven

Created by HiramAbif on May 8, 2005

3 Reviews

The islands of Honda Bay, off the central eastern coast of Palawan and within easy access from the capital of Puerto Princessa, are greatly underrated and underreported. Surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters, pristine beaches with the finest sand, and unspoiled natural environment, they are pure heaven.

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