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North Georgia Fun

Created by Beth & EJ on January 3, 2006

1 Review

Fun, relaxation, picturesque, activities - all of this and more at Apple Mountain Resort in the beautiful hills of North Georgia.

Spring Break Journal to the Foothills of the Smoke

Created by CDub on March 20, 2005

2 Reviews

I found out why it’s called the Smokey Mountains; it’s truly a sight to see the mountains seemingly on fire as the fog and steam covers them. Northern Georgia is an enchanted place where four states come together to form an endless list of sights and things to do.

Golf in Northern Georgia

Created by imcarly13 on June 25, 2004

1 Review

Golf, relax by the pool, waterfalls, or Atlanta sights.

Apple Mountain, Clarkesville, GA

Created by tballcmc on January 29, 2003

1 Review

A great getaway only one hour north of Atlanta. This is a very nice timeshare with great amenities. A great place to get away for rest, relaxation and golf.

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