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North Georgia Mountains

Created by bnStanza on September 9, 2006

5 Reviews

Activities in Helen, Cleveland, and Atlanta, GA. Lodging at Country Hideaway at Mountain Lakes Resort.

Leaf-peeking in the Georgia Mountains

Created by ClaudyAnn on October 30, 2004

1 Review

In between Cleveland and Helen, the County Hideaway was the perfect place to relax. The leaves were just starting to change and reflected in the lake. Habersham Winery was enjoyable, as was the antiquing. A ride around lakes and seeking out waterfalls are a must. This is a very laidback Georgia!

Helen Honeymoon

Created by kathie lou on July 18, 2003

3 Reviews

We were married in December 2002 and decided to travel to the mountains from Florida in January 2003. This hideaway was very romantic, the mountains, the snow, and the snuggly cold weather.

Country Hideway Vacation

Created by John H Phillips on July 11, 2003

5 Reviews

Country Hideways was excellent. Overlooking a lake. Helen was wonderful. Atlanta is close and has a lot to do. Highly recommended.

Peaceful Mountain Vacation

Created by Teka2 on January 24, 2003

4 Reviews

The peaceful setting of this mountain paradise is the perfect vacation for people with hectic lives. With its warm, friendly people, beautiful scenery, and relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect place to refresh and renew. There are tons of waterfalls. Each day we visited a new one.

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