Journals South Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Created by Kermacks on October 22, 2003

3 Reviews

This journal provides a listing of activities in around Lake Tahoe, a description of the Embassy Vacation Resort, and a brief commentary about a cruise on the lake.

South Lake Tahoe

Created by elenahass on September 23, 2003

4 Reviews

Lake Tahoe is an absolutely beautiful place to visit. We went during the summer and there is quite a variety of things to do. Hiking, boating, playing on the beach, biking, horseback riding, and more.

Lake Tahoe - Marriott Timber Lodge

Created by mmangahas on September 16, 2003

1 Review

Heavenly skiing at Lake Tahoe and the Marriott Timber Lodge.

Lake Tahoe Paradise

Created by Rene Duhamel on September 14, 2003

2 Reviews

A wonderful week in Lake Tahoe. What a beautifull place. You can't ask for anything more--the scenery is stupendous and the casinos are great! I love Lake Tahoe!

Tahoe - Kenny Loggins weekend

Created by riclor on August 27, 2003

1 Review

Went to Lake Tahoe to see Kenny Loggins at Harrah's Southshore Room. What a great concert and a great time for a "mom's getaway retreat." A terrific three days of fun, pampering massages, and awesome Loggins tunes to last until his next concert!

Stardust-Lake Tahoe

Created by dallee on August 22, 2003

4 Reviews

Our stay in South Lake Tahoe.

Ski Tahoe

Created by spiderman6 on August 16, 2003

3 Reviews

Ski vacation with friends and wife.

Lake Tahoe

Created by Lefko26 on July 18, 2003

8 Reviews

Lake Tahoe, South Shore (non snow ski vacation - spring through fall)

"Tahoe Getaway"

Created by Rina on July 15, 2003

1 Review

The Embassy at South Lake Tahoe is a must see for everyone.


Created by TAHOE380 on July 5, 2003

1 Review

Our first exchange. BEAUTIFUL!!! We have exchanged every year since for different ski areas. There was not even any snow that year, which is usually bad news for avid skiers, but we still count it as one of our FAVORITE destinations!

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