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ON the Turkish Coast

Created by TianjinPaul on November 2, 2013 Best of IgoUgo

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A three day stay in Izmir taking in one of the seven wonders of the world and the magnificent Efes.

Lost in Translation

Created by shaunandtrish on July 18, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

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What an interesting experience !!! - to witness your own work translated into Turkish, delivered to a Turkish audience, by a Turk, in Turkey. At the start of the week I knew no Turkish words at all - but by the end of the week I'd learned three !!!

Izmir, Not Smyrnatinople

Created by UCLArocks on September 2, 2004

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Izmir is a modern, West-leaning city with a dark past. I wouldn't say it's a fun place, but is a great place to experience what modern Turkey is all about. In Biblical times, the city was known as Smyrna (one of the 7 churces in Revelations).

Unknown places of Izmir

Created by linet on January 25, 2004

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Izmir, the birthplace of Homer, is located on the west of Anatolia. Travel guides discourage visitors from visiting this chaotic city where I was grown up, ignoring the interesting sights it may offer to a city lover or an enthusiast of Asia minor.

Izmir: An ancient City

Created by linet on January 13, 2003

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Izmir is placed on the west coast of Turkey, densely populated and hectic for many travelers. It is an excellent transport hub. Spending a few hours in this place can take the traveler back centuries to follow the footsteps of the cultures which lived here.

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