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Grad Trip in Cuba

Created by bnugent on September 24, 2004

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100 graduates went for one week to Super-Club Breezes. The resort is comprised of free-standing vilas. The resort provides many activities (dance lessons, water activities, fitness facilities, and more). The aquabar is a swim away from excellent sun bathing, and there is also a bar at the beach!


Created by gaudet on May 20, 2004

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My wife and I traveled to Holguin, Cuba in late March 2004. It was my third visit to Cuba and my wife's first. We stayed at the Sol Club Rio de Luna/Mares.

People of Holguin, Cuba

Created by JamieSaari on January 29, 2004

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Holguin is not the most beautiful city in Cuba, but the people are the most memorable you'll ever meet.

Holguin, east end of paradise

Created by Liken D Sun on January 2, 2003

3 Reviews

Our honeymoon was a drive across half of Cuba followed by a week at the Rio de Oro resort. It was fabulous!

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