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Two Short Days in Napoli

Created by airynfaerie on June 24, 2010 Best of IgoUgo

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We had a quick stop in Naples during our last trip to Italy to check out the city before continuing on to Ischia. Here's some of the sites!

La Cucina Napoletana - Food in Naples, Italy

Created by airynfaerie on June 24, 2010 Best of IgoUgo

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During a quick 2 day, 1 night stint in Naples, we were able to savor some of it's famous food...and although the city isn't my favorite, the food is on my list!

Weekend in Napoli

Created by JulieHolm on September 23, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

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Hot pizza, ancient ruins, rich wines, warm sea breezes, tasty gelato, and family history were highlights of our weekend in Naples. We'd picked Napoli for my family's connection (grandfather born here). We visited an incredible chapel, a fantastic museum, my family's little hometown, and Pompeii.

Living for the day

Created by perrytoo on November 8, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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This place is like no other. Not suitable if you’re just looking for somewhere relaxing, but ideal for anyone who likes a bit of attitude with their historic sites, and isn’t too hung up about accurate information.

Better Ruins Than Pompeii--HERCULANEUM

Created by Taylor252 on August 7, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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Archaeologically speaking, there is more to see in Naples than Pompeii.

Neapolitan delights

Created by SaraP on August 6, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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Naples is lively and doesn't take itself at all seriously, save for the eternal wrangle with Roma as to who invested pizza. Naples takes full credit for napoli sauce though!

Say Goodnight to Napoli

Created by cflecker on May 2, 2010

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My first trip abroad. Visiting my (now-estranged) husband's family in Naples, also touring Pompeii and Capri. Molto bene.

Day trip to Naples: Vesuvius and Pompeii

Created by pointofnoreturn on August 27, 2007

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We were desperate to take a break from Rome and opted for a full day in Naples!

Herculaneum's Ruins

Created by hellbunnie on October 29, 2006

3 Reviews

With just one day in Naples I took a trip to Herculaneum to see the ruins captured in time by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in A.D. 79.

Journey in Naples

Created by Ebarone on June 29, 2006

2 Reviews

If you want to visit Naples, this journal is for you! I will give you the scoop you need to enjoy a city of crazy magnitude and personality.

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