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Memorial Day in Reno

Created by stvchin on June 4, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews

My Memorial Day in Reno. I stayed at the Reno Hilton and ate exclusively at the hotel.

The Good Things in Reno

Created by Tana B. on December 30, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Only a few hours' drive away, Reno's a good choice when we need a dose of neon, casinos, and kitsch. But it's not without good food and comfort; you just need to look around a bit.

Shopping and Dining in Reno

Created by food&fun on October 29, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

11 Reviews
1 Story

Take it from a local, there are places to eat and shop that don't involve gambling. Looking for a break from the tables or the ski slopes? Give this journal a try.

Great Stay in Downtown Reno

Created by TravelGuru775 on July 19, 2007

1 Review

Eldorado Reno - The very best!

Casablanca Express Fiasco

Created by Davidjz on May 31, 2007

1 Review

The trip from you-know-where

Reno Trip

Created by Don37 on May 29, 2007

1 Review

Plaza Resort in Reno

Leisure Travel

Created by Dryland51 on March 18, 2007

1 Review

National Men's Bowling Tournament 2007.

Not the Same 5 Star Saloon

Created by Jon_Dana on February 4, 2007

1 Review

A second look at the 5 Star Saloon in Reno, NV.


Created by Porcelain Diana on November 6, 2006

1 Review

GSR: The Steakhouse.


Created by bwhite12603 on October 15, 2006

1 Review

Atlantis Casino and Hotel.

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