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Edisto Beach, SC

Created by Branwenn on March 13, 2008

1 Review

What a Quiet and Beautiful Beach!

Spring Break at Edisto, SC

Created by piercew on July 23, 2006

1 Review

What a way to do SPRING BREAK at the beach.

Going Down South

Created by peaks on July 1, 2005

5 Reviews
1 Story

Having been entranced by the picture of Fairfield Edisto and dreaming of secluded walks by the ocean, my wife and I went there on our anniversary. We also saw it as a stepping stone to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.

Edisto Vacation

Created by rasajadad on March 17, 2005

2 Reviews

Edisto Island is a nice place to get away if you're looking to relax.

Way Cool Edisto Island

Created by tenorbec on August 4, 2004

6 Reviews

Fairfield Ocean Ridge....the I-hate-boardwalks-and-crowds beach paradise!

Weekend Getaway

Created by dmealor on June 30, 2004

1 Review

Beautiful resort! Not a lot to do or eat on the island. Great shelling beach. Resort has beautiful pool and playground aread. Plenty of fishing on the resort also.

Peaceful Fairfield

Created by 2Lhasas on June 11, 2004

1 Story

This charming resort on a small, peaceful barrier island is just what we needed to recharge.

Egrets Pointe Townhouses at Edisto

Created by KTKelly on May 5, 2004

3 Reviews

A brief bit of info on the island and things to do nearby.

Winter Getaway

Created by Rebel77 on April 26, 2004

2 Reviews

This is a very nice place to stay. I recommend going during the winter months to get away from the crowds. You can spend time with the locals and eat at the local restaurants without a problem. The food was great and the island was between Charleston and Savannah, which made day trips great.

Edisto Beach

Created by C_Quigley01 on January 5, 2004

1 Review

It might be listed as near the beach, bu it might was well say on the beach.

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