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Just had three days to spend at Lihue

Created by ckelly on January 22, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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We did not go to the condo in Lihue until Wednesday evening, so that crunched our time there to three days. Yet in those three days we did more sightseeing than our previous location.

High on Kauai

Created by BeTheBuddha on August 8, 2007

13 Reviews

Summer vacation in Kauai - places to visit.

January Hawaii Getaway

Created by coachhegs on July 3, 2007

1 Review

Each January, my wife and I take one week in Hawaii to escape the Arkansas winter.

Forbidden Island off Kauai

Created by diana hartke on June 5, 2007

1 Review

We scheduled a snorkel trip to the Napali Coast and then at the Forbidden Island. We could see hundreds of feet down and the layers of fish were unbelievable.

Day Trip to Kaua'i

Created by Limburger on March 24, 2007

1 Story

When visiting the Hawaiian Islands, it's a good idea to take a day trip to one of the other islands. So we did.

A Week in Paradise!

Created by mlmeredith on September 14, 2005

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6 Stories

If Oahu represents one vision of Paradise, Kauai is another very different version, and this is the one that I much prefer!

Kauai 2004

Created by EmyRose on August 26, 2005

2 Reviews
3 Stories

We had a great time on Kauai. We think this island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We particularly enjoyed hiking, surfing, taking a catamaran to see Na Pali, and visiting the lovely and interesting botanical gardens.

Kauai Heaven

Created by bunny rabbit on June 14, 2005

1 Review

This was an amazing place. The resort was beautiful and the people were so friendly. I can’t wait to go back someday.


Created by bethann on April 5, 2005

6 Reviews
2 Stories

Trip to the island of Kaua'i in March 2005. This is a very beautiful tropical island... not recommended for March if you want to swim, but great for hiking.

Marriott Kauai Beach Club

Created by collinsc on February 20, 2005

1 Review

Vacationing on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai, while staying at the Marriott Kauai Beach Club timeshare resort.

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