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Mini Vacation at Oyster Point

Created by ARAMISmartinez on September 13, 2006

1 Review

A perfect family getaway that's great fun for everyone.

Attention Boating & Fishing Enthusiasts

Created by krw131 on September 22, 2005

1 Review

If you are a fisherman or just love boats, consider a quiet vacation at the small intercoastal resort of Oyster Pointe/Oyster Bay in Sebastian, Florida.

Indian River Lagoon with dolphins

Created by carolyn.wilkerson on March 4, 2004

4 Reviews

We enjoyed Treasure Coast. We had the use of a motorboat for only $50 for the week. We visited the lagoon and the intracoastal waterway. Oyster Bay Resort is right on Indian River. The pool was warm and hot tub was even warmer!!! There were so many free beaches nearby, with free parking and body surfing. We will definitely do this again.

Florida 2003

Created by John Robinson on June 27, 2003

4 Reviews

Stayed at Oyster Bay in Sebastian, Fl. Had great access to Orlando, Palm Beach and the Cocoa Beach areas. Great diving in Palm Bay. Great visability and very warm waters. Oyster Bay has fun things to do on the Indian River. Boating, Jet skis and fishing.

Fishing Sebastian-The Flounder Run

Created by mahiannie on November 23, 2002

7 Reviews

November is the HOT month for fishing Florida and Sebastian Inlet is the HOT place to be for the Flounder run and other great species of sport fish. Bring your boat or rent one for a nominal fee from the Oyster Bay resort and get in some relaxation, or excitement!!!!

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