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Weekend Getaway in Western New York State

Created by Sparrow on January 30, 2006

1 Review

Nestled in the Chautauqua Institute a great place in winter and summer!

Snowboard Trip for the Boys

Created by mollyandrea on January 17, 2005

1 Review

This was a very relaxing place to be. It was close to Holiday Valley and Peek and Peak. There was lots of antique shopping. It's a great place if you own a snowmobile. We had a wonderful experience.

Ski Vacation in New York

Created by dhwarhol on March 10, 2004

1 Review

This resort is located on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution. This time of year is an "off season" for the cultural events that happen at Chautauqua, so it was very quiet. . .just what the doctor ordered.

The Chautauqua Institution

Created by Starr38 on March 31, 2003

2 Reviews

Chautauqua, NY, is located in the western part of New York State about 1 hour from Erie, PA. It's located along the beautiful, peaceful shores of Chautauqua Lake. We stayed on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution; it made for a wonderful getaway. It was about 5 hours from Detroit.

Chautauqua NY..... place of history and great geta

Created by scoutrader on November 6, 2002

3 Reviews

Chautauqua.... my favorite timeshare location in the entire world, is also one of the world's most beautiful settings for a great vacation!

Chautauqua memories - New York state

Created by 999MARY on June 19, 2002

1 Review

Northshore at Chautauqua -- --beautiful village full of Victorian houses - - -during the season (9 weeks in summer - only) many cultural activities, concerts, lectures, etc.

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