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Weekend in Kerry

Created by bronster on December 1, 2006

1 Review

A little description of visiting Kerry in the 'off season'.

Captivating County Kerry

Created by Funky Monkey on September 6, 2005

5 Reviews

Captivating yet calming, scenic and serene, County Kerry has some of Ireland's most breathtaking scenery. Here's a quick guide to my short stay there.

Ghosts, Graveyards & Good Grub in Kerry

Created by profmatt on July 31, 2005

1 Review

To everyone's surprise, including a cousin from Dublin, we took our first trip to Ireland over Christmas week, into the New Year. After a few days in Cork, we drove through Bantry Bay on our way to the a little slice of heaven on the Kenmare River.

Family Reunion in Ireland

Created by emptynest on May 30, 2005

7 Reviews
1 Story

Trips with extended family can lead to disastrous long-term relationships unless people are very careful and communicate well. Trips to a foreign country can multiply the benefits and the problems, but the Irish culture creates instant family feeling and leaves everyone feeling good.

Killarney Dream

Created by Jenny2004 on December 14, 2004

2 Reviews

Since April, 2004, I have lived in Cork, Ireland. Most of the weekends I spend my time with my boyfriend and dog on the southwest coast of Ireland, for me the most beautiful part of Ireland.

The Tourist Capital Of Ireland's Wild West

Created by thebigfella on July 29, 2004

4 Reviews

Lakes, mountains, palatial mansions, picturesque views…Killarney, and the rest of Kerry have it all.

A few hours on The Great Blasket Island

Created by atherts on July 15, 2004

2 Reviews
2 Stories

A boat trip to The Great Blasket off the Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry Ireland, and several hours wandering among the donkeys, rabbits, sheep, and wind.

Rent a holiday home in Ballinskelligs

Created by whistlebelly on June 26, 2004

2 Reviews

Holiday away from it all in a Ballinskelligs Holiday 'Home from Home' luxury accommodation, with all modern conveniences and an open fire.

Kerry - The Kingdom [The Dingle Penninsula]

Created by Lucy C on April 23, 2004

1 Review

Things to see and do in this beautiful area.

Western Ireland

Created by estoughton on November 6, 2003

8 Reviews

Western/southern Ireland including Kilkenny, Kerry, Clare, Aran Islands, Killarney, Cork, Galway . . .

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