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County Kerry (Book 1)

Created by greenierexyboy on October 8, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Easily accessible tourist destinations in County Kerry

The Ring of Kerry Tour With O'Connor AutoTours

Created by MilwVon on May 15, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

One of our two guided tours by motor coach during our 15 days in Ireland, this day trip was with O'Connor Auto Tours. We learned a lot about Ireland's history and culture during this trip around the world famous Ring of Kerry.

Central Location for Exploring County Kerry

Created by MilwVon on May 14, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews
1 Story

As part of our 15 day Irish holiday, we spent two nights in Tralee. As a home base, we were able to see quite a bit of County Kerry.

Westland Traditional Cottage Kenmare

Created by Lucy333 on July 14, 2007

1 Review

We had the misfortune to stay in Westland Traditional Cottage at Kenmare. If you like cold, damp concrete floors, this is the place for you.

Weekend in Kerry

Created by bronster on December 1, 2006

1 Review

A little description of visiting Kerry in the 'off season'.

Ring of Kerry

Created by atherts on August 11, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

8 Reviews

The Ring of Kerry is one of the most popular drives. Here are some must-see sites and activities, many not overly touristy.

Co. Kerry

Created by atherts on July 5, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

20 Reviews
4 Stories

Co. Kerry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland for scenic beauty and its numerous historical sites.

Scholars and Poets...County Kerry!

Created by ladyanne47 on April 28, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

9 Reviews
1 Story

It is known that most of Ireland's poets and scholars came from County Kerry, an environment of great beauty, music, and stories.

Captivating County Kerry

Created by Funky Monkey on September 6, 2005

5 Reviews

Captivating yet calming, scenic and serene, County Kerry has some of Ireland's most breathtaking scenery. Here's a quick guide to my short stay there.

Ghosts, Graveyards & Good Grub in Kerry

Created by profmatt on July 31, 2005

1 Review

To everyone's surprise, including a cousin from Dublin, we took our first trip to Ireland over Christmas week, into the New Year. After a few days in Cork, we drove through Bantry Bay on our way to the a little slice of heaven on the Kenmare River.

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